2017 Tracks & Schedule

At CrossRoads, there are so many exciting and challenging ways to pass the time.

Whatever you end up doing, you should know that careful thought and planning has gone into each activity.

We have explored the ways you can be stretched and how the Gospel can speak into that venture.


Dates and Tracks

June 12-17CoEd CampMountaineering, Culinary, Archery, Creative Ministries, Outdoor Life, Sports, Horsepower
June 19-24Girls/GA/Acteens Missions CampMountaineering, Cooking Around the World, Archery, Creative Ministries, Outdoor Life, Sports, Sewing
June 26-July 1CoEd CampMountaineering, Culinary, Archery, Creative Ministries, Outdoor Life, Sports, Backpacking
July 6-8Mom & Me Mini-CampATTENTION Moms & Daughters: Get ready for a camp experience designed with you in mind! We invite you to come and enjoy the best experiences CrossRoads summer camp has to offer! Great food-fun-and fellowship just for you! (ideal for campers ages 5-9)
July 10-15CoEd CampMountaineering, Culinary, Archery, Creative Ministries, Outdoor Life, Sports, Horsepower

2017 Track Descriptions

CrossRoads Archery 1


Learning the sport of Archery was never this fun! In addition to basic safety and practices, you’ll play games to help with accuracy and consistency.

CrossRoads BackPacking


This fantastic experience on the Appalachian Trail in the Blue Ridge will never be forgotten. As you travel on foot over 15 miles in the course of three days, you will grow closer to God through breathtaking scenery, great company and the sense of accomplishment.

CrossRoads Culinary


Learn all about creating delicious and beautiful meals and desserts. Try various recipes, learn food preparation styles, and enjoy taste-testing your creations!

CrossRoads Creative

Creative Ministries

Explore how to use gifts such as music, drama, and dance as tools to show God’s love. You’ll have the opportunity to share what you learn with other campers by presenting during a worship service later in the week.

CrossRoads HorsePower


Gain important skills in caring for some of God’s most majestic creatures. The horses will also be ready to teach you significant lessons in trust, partnership, and leadership.

CrossRoads Mountaineering 2


Discover the adventure of rock climbing and rappelling amid the backdrop of our beautiful mountain range. Challenge yourself at the end of the week when you visit our climbing and rappel sites on the mountain face!

CrossRoads Outdoor Life

Outdoor Life

Hone your survival instinct and survival skills so you’ll be prepared for what nature offers. You’ll learn skills like plant identification, map and compass reading, camp site selection, cooking in the back country, and basic first aid, then put them to the test on an overnight campout on our beautiful mountain property.



Play basketball, dodge ball, soccer, floor hockey, and other favorite sports in an encouraging and instructive environment with focuses on teamwork, trust, endurance, commitment, and sportsmanship.


Challenge yourself to learn some basic sewing skills! Campers in this track will create something special by the end of the week to bless someone in need. Sewing and missions all in one!