Fall on The Mountain


Greetings from CrossRoads! Seasons are quickly changing up on the mountain. Mere days from now the leaves will begin to change from different hues of green into vibrant reds, orange and yellow plastered across God’s natural landscape. Each season the mountain comes to life with feelings of new beginnings and fresh encounters with God. The fall season is no different, underlined with mild days, crisp mornings and a distinctive calmness in the air. We (at CrossRoads) are honored to serve each guest group who come and discover their own unique experience with God. As we prepare to serve each group, we get equally excited about the anticipation of the fall season. Cool fall evenings gathered by the crackling fire in the fireplace, the pleasant aromas of apples and cider wafting through the air, pumpkin spice yummy-ness…these are just a handful of the distinguishing experiences that define this wonderful time of the year!

Those of us on staff at CrossRoads count it a matchless blessing to serve our guests through the ministry of hospitality, in every season. We are encouraged to see God constantly at work in the lives of our guests against the backdrop of the beautiful landscape at CrossRoads. It is heartwarming to see people of faith absorbed in the quiet moments of a God-inspired thought, caught up in times of devotion and reflection long yearned, and enjoying unparalleled kinship and fellowship exclusive to time spent on the mountain. It is in moments like these we are able to hear and see the intersection of life and mission, and discover what that means for each of us. Might you consider the possibility of carving out some time to bless your soul? Come discover what God has in store for you at CrossRoads! He is calling, and the mountain is waiting…

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