Rocking Chairs and Retreats

Rocking Chair

CrossRoads was pleased to host the Dover Association WMU for a retreat this past month. Sharon McKinley and Emily Simpson had plenty of activities lined up for an exciting and uplifting weekend. Our own Nicole Todd, lead the group in making bracelets with beads handmade by women in Uganda. The group also learned about human trafficking and ways they can raise awareness to help stop trafficking in VA and around the world. There was a lot of fun, games (and pranks, I’m told) throughout the weekend.

On Sunday Morning before they departed, the Dover Association WMU made a donation to CrossRoads of a rocking chair, dedicated in loving memory of the Rev. Dr. Robert L. Boggs. Dr. Boggs loved coming to CrossRoads and sitting in a rocking chair to read as his wife Barbara attended WMUV meetings here. This new rocking chair, donated in his memory, will be a place where many others will sit to enjoy the views, the sounds and the peace that Dr. Boggs experienced while here.

We are thankful for Mr. and Mrs. Boggs involvement and support of CrossRoads and to the Dover Association WMU for this gift in his memory. If you or your WMU group would like to make a donation of a rocking chair in someone’s memory please contact the office for more information.



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